Concerning Matter

16 SEP – 25 NOV 2009

Curated by Day+Gluckman

Artists: Peter Abrahams, Cedric Christie, Richard Ducker, Leo Fitzmaurice, Jonathan Hood, Abigail Reynolds, Freddie Robins


An exploration of work by artists where the everyday, familiar or domestic object is transformed through appropriation, subversion or re-use.

Concerning Matter concentrates on artists whose practice seeks to appropriate, transfigure or transform a ready made object or familiar material. The use of the every day object has been used in the genre of ‘still life’ since the early 17th Century to express a narrative about the our relationship to our environment. At Collyer Bristow Gallery the works include used catalogues, fliers, car parts, cleaning product vessels, scaffold and yarn.These materials or base matter produce works that maintain a delicate balance between the overt and the obscure.

Leo Fitzmaurice

Abigail Reynolds

Richard Ducker

Peter Abrahams

Freddie Robins

Leo Fitzmaurice

Jonathan Hood

Leo Fitzmaurice