Investigating different approaches to landscape:
from the urban and artificial to the natural and wild

11 FEB – 15 APR 2009  

Curated by Day+Gluckman

Artists: Aliki Braine, G L Brierley, Muhanned Cader, Kate-Rose Carrick, Barry Cawston, Jeanne Gargam, Lucia King, Rona Lee, Lee Maelzer, Bob Matthews, Elizabeth de Monchaux, Jost Münster, Minou Norouzi, Nick Offer, Howard Silverman, Gee Song

Landscape as subject matter or muse has had an enduring place throughout art history. Borderland brings together sixteen contemporary artists whose practice has taken on landscape and returned it in painterly, drawn, sculptural or photographic form. All have different approaches to the subject matter but revere landscape for its ability to change, adapt and regenerate.

Lee Maelzer

G L Brierley

Barry Cawston

Aliki Braine

Nick Offer

Muhanned Cader

Rona Lee

Elizabeth de Monchaux