On the threshold of the domestic

20 JUN – 2 OCT 2013 

Curated by Day+Gluckman

Artists: Jinkyun Ahn, Jemima Burrill, Paul Eachus, Katherine Green, Judith Hayes, Nadège Mériau, Poppy Whatmore, David Ben White, Caroline Wright


Our lives are delineated by our domestic and working environments within which we negotiate and rearrange our identities. Taking the unusual gallery space of Collyer Bristow as the starting point, this exhibition tussles with the ideas and ideals implicit in our domestic environments. From the ideologies presented throughout history through ‘interior design’ to the contested place of women in the home, the artists in this exhibition explore both personal and societal ideologies through photography, drawing and sculpture.

Individual responses to the term domestic are, in part, conditioned by our own personal histories alongside a more sublimated relationship to advertising, mass media and societal shifts. There are questions around culture, history, feminism, taste and identity. What was once considered radical (Bauhaus, Modernism, William Morris) is now familiar and codified – the original ambitions consigned to heritage preservation and ubiquitous in designs available on the high street. Katherine Green’s series of photographs, At Home with Morris… (download the press release to read on)

Judith Hayes

David Ben White and Poppy Whatmore

Caroline Wright, Poppy Whatmore & Paul Eachus

David Ben White

Nadège Mériau

Jinkyun Ahn

Poppy Whatmore

Judith Hayes